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Casio FX-991ES Plus Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator


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  • Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator with 417 Functions
  • Natural Textbook Display- Input and display fractions, powers, logarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbol just as they appear in textbooks
  • List Based Stat-Data Editor for Easy Viewing and Statistical Calculation
  • Probability, Calculus, Permutation Combination, Random Number Calculation features
  • Table Function for Function exploration
  • Colour coded keypad for easy key differentiation
  • Dual Powered – Solar & Battery Solar powered when light is sufficient, battery powered when light is insufficient.
  • Comes with slide-on hard case
  • Suitable for Engineering, University, & School students
  • 3 Years All India Manufacturer Warranty


Out of stock

Casio FX-991ES Plus Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

Casio fx-991ES Plus is a non-programmable scientific calculator with 417 functions. This calculator comes with dual power: Battery and Solar for long usage without the need of battery replacement.

Name – Casio FX-991ES Plus Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

Brand – Casio

The calculator has a dot-matrix display with a Natural Textbook Display feature for easy viewing and entering of long algebraic functions and equations. Calculator can perform Trigonometrical, Statistical, Integral, Differential, Permutation, Combination, Matrices, Vector calculations, and many more. Its keys are made of plastic for easy and fast usage. A suitable calculator for Engineering, Polytechnic, University, and College students.

  1. Dot Matrix Display: Dot-Matrix High-Resolution Display for easy viewing of long expressions.
  2. Natural Textbook Display: Input and display functions as they are in the book for easy understanding.
  3. Plastic keys: For easy and fast typing






Number of Functions : 417

417 Functions for easy and fast Calculations for all your mathematical and engineering problems.

Natural textbook display

Input and display fractions, powers, logarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbol just as they appear in textbooks.

Complex Number

Switch to Complex Mode and easily do calculations related to complex numbers

Matrix & Vector Calculation

Solve up to 3 by 3 matrix and 3-dimensional Vector problems





Statistics & Regression

Solve the statistical and regression problems using list-based data.

Multiple Mode

Single Key to change the mode for Complex, Polynomial, Statistics, Matrix, Vector, etc calculation.

Shift/Alpha keys for easy operation

Some functions are written in Yellow and Red colors. Use the Shift key to execute yellow-colored functions and Alpha key for red-colored functions.

Dot-matrix display

High-resolution dot-matrix display increases the amount of information that can be displayed and so makes it easier to view numerical formulas and symbols.

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